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Unlock your phone

We can unlock any smart phone to be used by any service provider

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Our technicians are Level 3 Certified Experts who can identify and repair a wide range of issues from cracked screens to power issues for a variety of cell phone and tablet brands. Repairs can be completed within a day and in extreme cases two days. Our replacement services will be cheaper and cost effective versus purchasing a replacement phone.

Water Damage

Have you ever dropped your phone in liquid resulting in water damage? There's no need to worry because chances are we can save your phone from further damages! Carefully remove the battery from the back of the phone and bring us both parts as soon as possible. Do not try to charge the phone or restart the phone to check if it's working. Keep in mind, the sooner you bring the phone to us, the better chance we have of reviving your phone before further damages occur. Our certified expert technicians can fix 85% of all water damaged phones!

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Physical Damage

Physical damages to a phone can occur due to many different reasons. See the list below for the most common type of physical damages to occur to a phone.

  • * Cracked Screen
  • * Keyboard and Buttons
  • * Charging port
  • * Shattered casing
  • * Housing
  • * Battery
  • * Touch screen
  • * Microphone
  • * Software
  • * Dented frame

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Buy & Sell your phone

Are you bored of your current phone but can't afford a brand new one? Bring us your old phone and we will either purchase your phone for cash back or sell you one of our refurbished phones for a cheap price!

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